Narrative Essay Format.

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A narrative is a story that shows the truth or provides insight about a topic that the writer chooses. Narrative papers have a basic structure that starts with an introductory paragraph. While writing the introduction of your narrative papers, start with a sentence stating your story. Ensure that it catches the reader’s attention. The best start for narrative papers is a question, quote, definition, or a fact. Provide the information that the audience needs to comprehend the story. For example, state who the major characters are, what they story is about, when it took place; show whether the account is true or just fiction. All narrative papers must include a thesis statement, which is normally the last sentence in the introduction. However, the thesis of narrative papers can be different from that of other essay papers such as argumentative or analytical essays. It can be the event of the account that offers a moral lesson, or it can identify a theme that attaches the tale to a universal experience.

Exceptional narrative papers include details and imagery that assists the reader to comprehend what the essayist experienced. The writer adds details that show use of all his or her senses. For example, what the writer heard, felt, thought, saw, and tasted.  The writer must include concrete evidence in the narrative papers in order to support these details. In addition, the story’s event has to demonstrate the importance of the event and the lesson the writer learned.

The common way to tell a story in narrative papers it to put down the events in a chronological manner i.e. from start to the conclusion.  In addition, an excellent write must use transition words in the narrative papers to indicate what happens first, what follows, and what comes last. One can use transition words like finally, when, next, during, and later.  Moreover, each time the writer begins a new paragraph, this mark a change in the act of the account. Subsequent paragraphs ought to relate to one another. Remember that repetition words are also an effective tool of connecting paragraphs. The words in the last sentence of a paragraph can proceed to the first sentence of the next paragraph.

The conclusion of narrative papers includes the closing acts of the events. It also includes an analysis or reflection of the importance of the event to the narrator. The writer can show how the happening affected his or her life, and the lessons learned. In short, it gives the moral of the story.

Things to consider while writing narrative papers is the use of first person such as “I” or third person such as he, it, and she. When telling the event of the story, use the past tense. However, use present tense when reflecting about the event. Narrative papers topic are easy to derive because one can describe and explain anything with a narration. However, some people struggle with ideas and how to express them in writing. The best way out is to hire the services of professional custom writers.

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